Press Release 19/04/19

1. Friday 19/04/19 12.50: two BEEP Fund Doctors were called to a serious RTC on the A66 along western side of Bassenthwaite Lake; there were several casualties & sadly one fatality. Advanced interventions were performed by one of the BEEP Doctors as well as the Doctor & Paramedic crews from the two Great North Air Ambulance helicopters that were also mobilised to the scene in order to assist the most seriously injured, who were then flown to Preston & Newcastle.
2. Friday 19/04/19 13.50: as the first incident was finishing, the two BEEP Fund Doctors were then redirected to two other separate incidents. One Doctor was tasked to a motorbike RTC on Kirkstone pass, where advanced interventions were performed at the scene before rendezvousing with one of the Air Ambulances from the Great North Air Ambulance Service & then flown to the RVI in Newcastle. The other Doctor was tasked to an 8yr old child who had suffered serious injuries near Sandwick Bay on the West side of Ullswater; he met up with the Doctor & Paramedic crew from one of the North West Air Ambulances and advanced interventions were performed at the scene before he was winched from the location by a Coastguard SAR Helicopter. He was then flown to the RVI in Newcastle in a stable condition.

Press Release 26/02/19

At approx. 17.10 yesterday 26/02/19, a BEEP Fund Doctor was called by Northwest Ambulance Service to attend an incident in the river in the middle of Appleby, where a 14 yr old male had got into difficulties while swimming with his friends. He was treated at the scene by the BEEP Fund Doctor, the Doctor/Paramedic crew from the Great North Air Ambulance helicopter, NWAS paramedics, Fire Service personnel from the Appleby Fire Station & a local GP. Advanced medical procedures were performed to stabilise his condition before being flown to Newcastle in the Air Ambulance.

Press Release 18th Feb 2019

A BEEP Fund Doctor from Penrith was called to serious RTC at the Crown Inn crossroads near Southwaite south of Carlisle at about 14.20 today 18th Feb; three vehicles were involved and involved five casualties. The BEEP Doctor helped NWAS Paramedics & the doctor/paramedic crew from one of the GNAAS Air Ambulances treat those involved. One casualty was then flown to the RVI in Newcastle with serious injuries.

Press Release 28/01/19

At 06.55 today (28th January) two BEEP Fund Doctors were called to a serious RTC on Bridge Lane, Penrith, involving a pedestrian hit by a van; advanced medical interventions were performed before the casualty was transferred by land ambulance to Carlisle.

Press Release 9th October 2018

A BEEP Fund Doctor, the doctor/paramedic crew from Pride of Cumbria GNAAS Air Ambulance and paramedic crews from Northwest Ambulance Service, attended a serious two vehicle RTC on A66 west of Cockermouth at 07.45 today; sadly despite their significant medical interventions, the driver of one car was pronounced dead at the scene. Our thoughts & sincere condolences are with the family & friends of the deceased.
The two occupants of the other vehicle were taken by land ambulance to West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven for further checks.

Donation of £300 from the Chris Bannister concert

Donation of £300 from the Chris Bannister concert at Pooley Bridge village hall , Dr.Weston with two of the organisers Jean and Richard Young.

Press Release 6th April 2018

At around 21.00h a BEEP Dr was called to attend a 1 year of girl with burns near to Appleby.  She was treated on scene and transfered to the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle for further care. 

Press Release 03/04/2018

A BEEP Doctor & several NWAS paramedics attended a serious RTC involving two HGV's in an oblique head-on collision just before 06.00 on Tuesday 3rd April on A66 just east of Kirkby Thore filling station. Unfortunately one of the drivers suffered very serious injuries & was pronounced dead at the scene while the other driver suffered only minor injuries & was left with the NWAS paramedics for treatment of these injuries. Our thoughts & sincere condolences go out to the family & friends of the first driver at this time.

Press Release 21/03/2018

21/03/18: BEEP Dr called by NWAS to Carlisle to assist paramedics with 86yr old lady who had suffered extremely serious injury to foot/ankle; surgical procedure performed at the scene by the Doctor saving her foot before meeting up with the GNAAS Air Ambulance, who then flew her to the RVI in Newcastle.

Press Release 16/03/2018

16/03/18: BEEP Dr called to RTC on M6 near Junction 39, where the driver of a Land Rover car swerved to avoid some debris on the road, losing control & ending up off the carriageway & down a culvert; the family of 6, including children aged 5 to 14yrs, were all able to get themselves out of the vehicle before being checked over in the back of two ambulances; all were then taken on to hospital for further checks but thankfully all appeared to sustain minor injuries only.