Links – the web home of the British Association for Immediate Care and a good source of information on training, new developments and local schemes. – The Resuscitation Council (UK) provides educational and reference materials as well as guidance on effective resuscitation methods. – the home site for our local air ambulance service including latest news, events listings and fundraising ideas. – an online source of advice and healthcare information with plenty of answers to frequently-asked questions. - a bit of a mouthful but the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee provides a national forum to support the UK Ambulance Service.– the site for the Ambulance Service Association with information on events and publications as well as careers as a paramedic. – the website for the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh includes lots of useful medical links and news on recent developments in surgery. – this is the site for London’s Air Ambulance and it includes a useful FAQs page and advice on what to do in an emergency. – a charity that works with hospital staff across all the disciplines involved in trauma care. - Web site for the Lancashire BASICS Scheme