Latest Incidents Attended

1. 19/11/12 12.17; BEEP Dr [Dr Weston] called to Auction Mart, Skirsgill, Penrith to 47yr old male who was charged by a bullock, head-butting him in abdomen; BEEP Dr was first on scene until land crew & Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance arrived; casualty was flown to Carlisle.

2. 20/11/12 08.19; BEEP Dr [Dr Weston] & paramedics called to one vehicle RTC on road from Lazonby to Carlisle; single occupant (19yr old female) trapped in car for 3/4 hr with minor injuries before being cut free by Fire Service; taken to Carlisle by land ambulance.

3. 20/11/12 18.15; BEEP Dr. [Dr Weston]  called to female pedestrian hit by car on Brentfield way; BEEP Dr arrived first by 15 minutes & treated her for very serious head & other injuries; he was able to administer treatment at the scene & in the ambulance en route to Carlisle (BEEP Dr accompanied casualty in ambulance).

4. 20/11/12 20.31; while on way back to Penrith from last incident diverted to Sun Inn at Newton Reigny, where 38yr old lady had fallen downstairs & suffered very serious head injuries; treated at scene by BEEP Dr & paramedics accompanied casualty in ambulance back up to Carlisle.