Latest Incident

Rescuers stretcher one of the injured people from the scene. Photo: Langdale Ambleside MRT

Sunday 21/02/15 12.30; multiple vehicle RTC on Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria; several cars encountered very severe weather including snow/blizzards/strong winds & suffered minor collisions as a result; while a female from one car was out of her car assisting another, she was hit by a further car & thrown in the air. This car then rolled & ended up upside down; both occupants of this car were extricated by the Fire Service; all three casualties were treated by a BEEP Dr Weston from Penrith plus another BASICS DR from Caldbeck, before being loaded onto the Mountain Rescue vehicles from Patterdale & Langdale Mountain Rescue Teams. They were then driven down the hill to meet up with NWAS land ambulances; all casualties were treated for minor neck & head injuries & none had life threatening injuries. At the same time, the MR Teams were also used to transport a significant number of occupants of other vehicles that had become stuck in snow, including a coach of 24 Chinese tourists. MORE INFO HERE 

Mountain rescuers work with the emergency services at the scene on the Kirkstone Pass. Photo: Langdale Ambleside MRTThe overturned car on the Kirkstone Pass. Photo: Langdale Ambleside MRT