Latest Incidents Attended

Only a few incidents this week but 2 were serious:

1. Sunday afternoon about 5pm - 44yr old female collapsed at home in village near Appleby; she had good basic life support from her family & I think community First Responders; Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance attended as well as BEEP Doctor plus paramedics; she was successfully resuscitated & flown to Middlesborough (James Cooke Hospital) & I believe has made a complete recovery after some treatment.

2. Yesterday afternoon; 80yr old male collapsed in the Council Buildings; had good basic life support from off duty paramedic & then BEEP Dr attended (Dr. Judson this time) who together successfully rescuscitated him before the ambulance arrived; was then taken to Carlisle.

3. Sunday 14/10/12 06.41; RTC A66 Kirkby Thore; car vs lorry; four 20yr olds in car, three suffered minor injuries but fourth suffered face & neck injuries; treated by BEEP Dr (Dr Weston) plus paramedics before being taken to Carlisle Infirmary.