Incidents this week are:

29/12/12 20.20: x3 separate RTC's on M6 just south of Jn 38 (Tebay); all involved suffered minor injuries only so left with Police; Dr Weston attended.

29/12/12 21.30; 5 vehicle RTC on M6 3-4 miles south of Jn 38 (just south of last ones!!); had just got home when called out to this one; total of 4 BEEP Docs attended; again thankfully only minor injuries so left with Police; all down to slush/snow on road in patches I think.

01/01/13 02.20; male in 30's assaulted outside George & Dragon, Clifton; taken by taxi to own house in Clifton where he locked himself in!! Dr Weston attended arriving before the ambulance; eventually had to break into his house as feared for his wellbeing; when examined had suffered significant head injuries so taken by land ambulance to Carlisle.