Latest Incidents Attended

11/01/13 07.30; RTC A66 near Warcop; HGV vs van; BEEP Dr (Theo Weston) attended but driver of van had non-serious injuries & taken by land ambulance to hospital (just as he was arriving)

14/01/13 14.10; RTC A66 near Warcop again; HGV tow truck towing a broken down HGV, hit the trailer of another HGV going the other way; the cab of the tow truck HGV was almost completely destroyed, trapping the driver under the dashboard & wreckage; x2 BEEP Docs (Theo Weston & Hannah Judson) attended along with NWAS paramedics & the doctor plus paramedic crew of the Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance; It took approx 3/4 hr to cut him free; suffered significant head & arm injuries so was flown by Pride of Cumbria to James Cooke Hospital, Middlesborough.

16/01/13 11.20; RTC in car park of Penrith Health Centre; 80yr old man run over a car as it was trying to turn/park & suffered multiple extremely serious injuries; attended to by two BEEP Doctors (Hannah Judson & Peter Hodkin), plus two or three other doctors from both Birbeck Medical Group & the Lakes Medical Practice plus several nurses plus NWAS paramedics; sadly they were unable to resuscitate him despite their best efforts due to the nature of his injuries.