Latest Incidents

The busiest day for long time last Friday with four BEEP Calls!!

1. Friday 05/07/13 13.30; BEEP Dr (Dr Weston) called to 53yr old female who was found beside her bicycle plus wrecked helmet at bottom of hill on road through Berrier; had suffered serious head injury; called Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance, who flew her to the RVI in Newcastle; believed to be stable.
2. Friday 05/07/13 16.30; BEEP Dr (Dr Weston) called to Alexandra Rd in Penrith to 6 yr old female that had fallen 15-20 ft out of upstairs window onto sandstone flags; suffered serious arm injury; treated by BEEP Dr with medicine that only Drs can use before being taken to Carlisle in stable state.
3. Friday 05/07/13 18.30; BEEP Dr (Dr Weston) called to two cyclists that collided on main road in middle of Johnby; both suffered minor injuries  & taken by land ambulance to Carlisle.
4. Friday 05/07/13 20.00; BEEP Dr (Dr Weston) called by paramedics of Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance that had been called to a 16 yr old male that had fallen 50 ft down a ravine & into a river near Dufton, Appleby; he suffered a very severe head injury & as a result was only semi-conscious; he was winched out of the ravine by the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team & then carried to the Air Ambulance where I performed a general anesthetic (a life-saving procedure in the case of serious head injuries that only Doctors can perform ). This stabilised his condition & he was then flown to James Cook Hospital, where, after an operation on his skull, I believe he is doing very well indeed.
5. Monday 08/07/13 18.00; BEEP Dr (Dr Weston) called to 18 yr old female fallen off bicycle while riding along main road at Yanwath; treated at scene for minor injuries to face & limbs before being taken to Carlisle
6. Monday 08/07/13 18.50; BEEP Dr called (Dr Weston) to 9 yr old child run over & trapped under car in Crosby on Eden, near Carlisle; she suffered leg injuries but was able to be treated at the scene again with medicine that only Drs can use, which stabilised her condition before she was taken by land ambulance to Carlisle.

Skelton Show was a great success too!!