Latest Incident/s

One main incident to report in Herald so far this week; Dr Wesyton was called as BEEP Doctor on Sunday (12th May) to Thornthwaite, Keswick, to a 2 & half yr old child who had been run over by a car in the middle of a field on the camp site where they were staying on holiday. The child was still under the car when the first paramedic arrived after 4/5 minutes. He pulled her out & found that she was unconscious showing no signs of life, with presumed leg & head injuries. He started the resuscitation & was joined shortly after by the doctor/paramedic crew of the Pride of Cumbria, GNAAS Helicopter (the doctor on board happened to be a local doctor from Keswick), followed by myself & a BASICS Doctor from West Cumbria. Together we managed to get her heart going again & perform several other resuscitative measures, including a general anaesthetic, before flying her to the RVI in Newcastle, where she was treated for confirmed very serious leg & head injuries. Overall it was a very well run rescue effort indeed by all concerned giving her the very best possible chance of survival & recovery after what was a most truly horrific accident.